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Saggi - A Beautiful Secretary Bird - is released back to the wild.

Posted on Tue August 30, 2022.

An amazing story – of one man’s love and determination to get a huge bird released from tangled barbed wire, his love and determination that she will fly again – and a young woman with a talent for bird whispering - a great healer – and a beautiful bird.

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WildFields Apothecary - A Place of Great Healing

Posted by Jennifer on Sat July 30, 2022.

Here at WildFields there has been twenty years of Wilding - no use of chemical fertilizers, poisons, rodenticides or destructive tilling, and the Wilded Estate is filled with wild and native plants, wild flowers, wild pollinators, bees everywhere, and magic fills the air - we can now forage and wild harvest and have started a range of healing and soothing products, which are available to purchase, both locally and online.

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WildFields Apothecary - Eastern Free State - Walk lightly on the Earth.

Posted on Tue November 30, 2021.

Shop Plants & Seeds & Smudge Sticks –

Natural Healing Plants – Helichrysum (Imphepo) Artemisia Afra – (Lengana – Bitter Als)
Lessertia Fructescens ( Sutherlandia)

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After the Rain – a Highlands Retreat filled with magnificent wild plants and buzzing bees.

Posted on Sat November 28, 2020.

Here at Spitskop the WILDED Grasslands are delivering up a feast of wild flowers - at this time the golden beautiful bulbine is just everywhere- with bees happily pollinating- safe and free of poisons – for these are magical healing plants -

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A Wilded Highlands Getaway - Exclusive- Private- Secluded.

Posted on Sun August 30, 2020.

Experience the ultimate in peace and seclusion at one of the Eastern Free State’s best private accommodations: exclusive use and surrounds where no spaces are shared with other guests. Go off the beaten path and discover this Wilded Highlands Retreat – indeed a hidden gem

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