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WildFields Apothecary - Eastern Free State - Walk lightly on the Earth.

Posted on Tue November 30, 2021.

Shop Plants & Seeds & Smudge Sticks –

Natural Healing Plants – Helichrysum (Imphepo) Artemisia Afra – (Lengana – Bitter Als)
Lessertia Fructescens ( Sutherlandia)

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After the Rain – a Highlands Retreat filled with magnificent wild plants and buzzing bees.

Posted on Sat November 28, 2020.

Here at Spitskop the WILDED Grasslands are delivering up a feast of wild flowers - at this time the golden beautiful bulbine is just everywhere- with bees happily pollinating- safe and free of poisons – for these are magical healing plants -

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A Wilded Highlands Getaway - Exclusive- Private- Secluded.

Posted on Sun August 30, 2020.

Experience the ultimate in peace and seclusion at one of the Eastern Free State’s best private accommodations: exclusive use and surrounds where no spaces are shared with other guests. Go off the beaten path and discover this Wilded Highlands Retreat – indeed a hidden gem

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ESCAPE the Covid Blues- A Highlands Getaway- Eastern Free State.

Posted by Jennifer on Tue June 30, 2020.

If one were to ask, where then, in this post lockdown World – is there a place stunningly beautiful –exclusive – with a privacy and seclusion absolute – that seems to have been barely touched by the events of the past 100 days- A Magical Getaway - surrounded by nothing but the earth, the sky, and the mountains?
Well clearly and absolutely, to the Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere- Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy in the stunningly beautiful Easter Free State Highlands.

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A ReWilded Getaway in the Eastern Free State filled with beautiful butterflies.

Posted by Allen on Wed May 13, 2020.

A King and a Joker ----- A Lady and a Leopard ----- A Footman and a Donkey - what do they have in common? Look at the pictures and see - for they are all beautiful butterflies and just one moth.

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