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The Best Birding Getaway in the Eastern Free State

Posted on Wed November 29, 2023.

For birders this is a paradise – we have a Checklist of some 250 species. Many resident – some summer visitors – but the birding on Spitskop is a joy all year round.

For birding groups and Bird Clubs we offer a really super discount – booked directly with us.

Twenty years of dedicated REWILDING has transformed a once neglected landscape into a thriving haven for nature and humans alike.

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Medicinal Healing Plants of Spitskop - Bulbine Narcissifolia/Khomoyabadisa

Posted on Sun September 24, 2023.

We Walk Lightly on the Earth.

Bulbine species has many common names used by traditional healers and indigenous people. In Sotho, it is referred to as Khomo-ya-Ntsuammele, Sehlare-sapekane, Sehlare and in Xhosa and Zulu, it is referred to as Intelezi, Ishaladi lenyoka. In Northern Sotho it is know as Kgomoyabadisa.

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Medicinal Healing Plants of Spitskop - Sutherlandia Frutescens /Lerumo La Madi

Posted on Sat September 23, 2023.

We Walk Lightly on the Earth

The plant has more than 25 recorded names - Many of its names refer to the important medicinal use, such as kankerbos (cancer bush; Afrikaans), insiswa (dispels darkness; Zulu), phetola (to change; Tswana), and lerumo lamadi (spear of the blood; North Sotho).

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Medicinal Healing Plants of Spitskop - Helichrysum /Imphepho.

Posted on Thu September 21, 2023.

We Walk Lightly on the Earth.

Common names: imphepho, everlasting (English); kooigoed (Afrikaans).
Botanical name: Helichrysum

Herbal traditions: Cape Herbal Medicine, Khoi & San
Plant parts used: above ground parts, flowers, leaves, stems.

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15.16 December 2023 - Listen to the Music of the Plants - A Celebration of Golden Helichrysum/Imphepho.

Posted on Wed August 9, 2023.

Come and enter the World of the Bamboo M - and listen to the music of the Plants. Are you passionate about native plants - good healthy organic food - Yoga?
Have you listened to the sound of a Helichrysum Plant singing?

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