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We thought they wouldn't come........

Posted on Wed February 20, 2019.

The white stork ciconia ciconia, that beautiful soaring bird of myth and fable, one of our absolute favourite birds here at Amohela ho Spitskop, and we await their arrival from Europe each year with excitement and anticipation. However a prolonged drought with very little rainfall here in the Eastern Free State seemed that, for the first time in many years, we would not be visited by any White Storks this year when they began their South Africa pilgrimage in December..January....and we were sad sad sad......

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Greeting the Sun

Posted on Thu January 24, 2019.

When resident locally the awesome Secretary Birds stand atop their tree roost and greet the newly risen sun.
Stretching and preening with amazing balance they ready themselves for the flight back to earth & another day of hunting ........

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Start Planning - Start Planning - Start Planning.

Posted on Tue January 22, 2019.

Holidays, Long Week Ends, Easter.
School Holidays – 15th March to 2nd April 2019.
Easter 19th April to 22nd April 2019.

We have the place, the space, the time, the silence, the solitude, the stars, the mountain, just bring you and the family, for our EarthStone Cottages are superb, spacious, well appointed, far removed from each other for privacy and solitude and our SkyWind Cottages, indulgently gorgeous, where just two people can spend time together in quietness luxury and space.

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When did this last happen to you ???

Posted by Allen on Thu January 3, 2019.

It seems ages since the bakkie windscreen was covered in spattered insects requiring regular stops to clean it.
Nothing to do with modern vehicle aerodynamics ---- but sadly simply due to the massive reduction in the number of insects around these days !!!

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I am Quail Cottage

Posted on Sat December 15, 2018.

I AM QUAIL COTTAGE, where the Wind and the Sky meet in a 360 degree sweep across the scenic Eastern Highlands of the Free State Province.

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