• A Wilded Highlands Retreat perfects for the establishment of Regenerative Farming.

WildFields Apothecary - A place of Great Healing - Sebaka sa Phodisa e kgolo

We are passionate advocates of native plants – our mission is to promote communal understanding and use of native and medicinal plants of the Eastern Free State, and to provide scientific validation of this traditional ecologic knowledge – we are dedicated to the conservation of native and medicinal plants and the natural habitats that support these culturally and ecologically significant species.

Here at WildFields there has been twenty years of Wilding - no use of chemical fertilizers, poisons, rodenticides or destructive tilling, and the Wilded Estate is filled with wild and native plants, wild flowers, wild pollinators, bees everywhere, and magic fills the air - we can now forage and wild harvest and have started a range of healing and soothing products, which are available to purchase, both locally and online.

Having done a search in the area and found no Sutherlandia Frutescens plants  -  we re-introduced Sutherlandia Frutescens to our fields and valleys.

This one plant, left to wild seed, has proliferated, and we have many wild plants across the Estate.

Besides the Sutherlandia Frutescens, there are fields of helichrysums, artemisia afra has wild seeded across the southern slopes of the mountain, in the summer the bulbine narcissifolia in swathes of yellow is found across the fields and into lower portions of the mountain.

So much so, that we can now forage and wild harvest, and have started a range of healing and soothing medicinal products, which have just now become available to purchase, both locally and online.



Infused Oils -

Sutherlandia Frutescens


Bulbine Narcissifolia

Artemisia Afra






                        Bath Salts 

                       Healing Plants Seeds

Our Vision – Entrepreneurship – to grow the business – expand in the local economy- create jobs and more jobs – providing secure employment – ongoing training and skills development within the arena of our wild heritage – the indigenous and native plants that sustain and heal us and the planet.