• The magnificent vast Amohela ho Spitskop Valley stretching to the Maluti Mountains in the background, with self catering cottages in the Eastern Free State

Getaway - Escape the city "Go climb a mountain" in the beautiful Eastern Free State.

Posted on Sat August 24, 2019.

This is where much of the UTTER MAGIC of this wonderful Getaway, even and apart from the stunning self catering cottages, lies, in the iconic privately owned mountain, where guests can roam and explore, where you can come walk with us where once, long ago, Dinosaurs roamed.

With magnificent views across the valley to the Maluti Mountains beyond, remote yet accessible, set on 164 hectares of a Re-wilded Conservancy, at Amohela ho Spitskop guests have unhindered access to roam and explore a privately owned mountain.

Climb the ancient worn stairway that spirals up to the first plateau on the iconic Spitskop mountain, and know that this is one of those BEST PLACES, where you will RETURN often, to escape a noisy busy planet.  

For indeed, when you stand at the Look- Out on Spitskop and gaze around it is not difficult to imagine huge Dinosaurs feeding in the fertile valley below, close your eyes & listen to the ghosts of the past.

There are gorgeous ledges and flat rocks, nooks and hidden crannies, perfect for lovely intimate…or family picnics………..spend some time, dream awhile, after all it is not often that you can spread your tablecloth on a  200 million years old "table"


There are remains of old walls, wonderful native plants, wild flowers, porcupine burrows dug deeply under rocks, where they slumber in daylight hours,  and porcupine paths to follow, and absolutely magnificent views.




Wander higher and explore the caves at the base of the massive sandstone buttress at the top of Spitskop, and, if you can make it to the top, what a view.