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ESCAPE the Covid Blues- A Highlands Getaway- Eastern Free State.

Posted by Jennifer on Tue June 30, 2020.

If one were to ask, where then, in this post lockdown World – is there a place stunningly beautiful –exclusive – with a privacy and seclusion absolute – that seems to have been barely touched by the events of the past 100 days- A Magical Getaway - surrounded by nothing but the earth, the sky, and the mountains?
Well clearly and absolutely, to the Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere- Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy in the stunningly beautiful Easter Free State Highlands.

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A ReWilded Getaway in the Eastern Free State filled with beautiful butterflies.

Posted by Allen on Wed May 13, 2020.

A King and a Joker ----- A Lady and a Leopard ----- A Footman and a Donkey - what do they have in common? Look at the pictures and see - for they are all beautiful butterflies and just one moth.

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A little Night Magic - In a Wilded Highlands Retreat- Eastern Free State.

Posted on Tue May 12, 2020.

With names such as Convolvulus Hawk Moth, Silver-striped Hawk Moth, Brown striped Hawk Moth, Broad - striped Hawk Moth, Lesser Brown-striped Hawk moth, Striped Hawk Moth - indeed many many hours were spent perfecting the art of catching these fabulous phantoms of the night - intimate moments of rarely seen perfection in motion- on camera.

With gratitude to Allen we share these stunningly beautiful photographs of these magnificent creatures that pollinate and surely heal a troubled world with quiet beauty, a smidgen of a portfolio of magnificent and joy.

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Spitskop - More than just a Waypoint - also a Destination

Posted by Allen on Mon May 4, 2020.

Over the years it has become clear to us that Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat and Conservancy is not only a " waypoint" but rather an important resting and feeding stop-over for many birds and butterflies during their long migration travels, both North and South bound.
It is always with joy that we greet each new wave of arrivals and then bid them bon-voyage a few days later.
Refreshed and well fed ready for the next leg of their journey. Some of them really travel a long way.
White Storks from Europe, Abdims Storks from West and north Africa, Amur Falcons from China, Steppe Buzzards from Russia and the Barn Swallows from Denmark.

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Magical Getaway - The Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere - Eastern Free State

Posted on Sat March 7, 2020.

A Magical Getaway - the Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere - Amohela-Ho-Spitskop in the stunningly scenic Eastern Free State Highlands - is indeed balm for the soul. Surrounded by nothing but the earth, the sky, and the mountains, it's the most perfect escape from...essentially everything outside its glorious bubble.

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