Autumn and Mist and diamond studded webs.

Posted on Fri April 6, 2018.

Waking in the morning to a deep beautifully enveloping silence and you KNOW …its MISTY. Standing on your deck, cup of coffee in hand, tucked up against the slight chill of an awesome Autumn morning in the Highlands. Swirling around you thick mist filled with glowing light and tasting like champagne on your lips, and just for this brief moment in time…..the world has gone away.



Autumn brings with it a drop in the early morning temperature and we are guaranteed some magical misty mornings, sometimes so dense that we cannot see Spitskop or the surrounding hills.

This is a time of bejeweled spiders webs and grass stalks that hang heavy with dewdrops, and those little dragons of Spitskop, the dragon flies, look like diamond encrusted Faberge pieces.



And the magic continues just at moments when the conditions are right, we have an amazing "happening"  Allen calls it a “Mistbow” a huge white arc that hangs in the air in the mist, looking like a traditional rainbow but pure white  in colour, these Mist Bows so wide Allen could not capture from one end to the other in one shot.

                   In total silence this giant ray straddles the lands, truly mystical and memorable.