SUNflowers-COME follow the SUN.

Posted on Wed February 28, 2018.

22.5 Million. That's the number of Sunflowers smiling at Spitskop today.!!

When the rains finally came in early 2018, farmers needed a short season fast growing crop, SUNFLOWERS, millions of plants, this may not EVER happen quite like this again - you will never forget it !

We would love to share this experience with you, this one moment in time when this kind of spectacle of golden beauty surrounds us.

This miracle of colour lasts for just a few short weeks - so don’t delay, book soon.

Summer is almost at an end, and in the Eastern Free State Highlands our farmers everywhere have prepared a final tribute and our landscape has been transformed into a patchwork of green and golden yellow, thanks to millions and millions and millions of Sunflowers which have produced a spectacle that is truly breathtaking.


Standing tall and proud, giant heads nodding gently in the breeze, they follow the sun to produce what almost seems to be a moving, brilliant, yellow ocean.

We here at Amohela ho Spitskop are an awesomely beautiful oasis of golden colour, for all around us are farm-lands filled to the brim with dinner plate sized golden yellow magic.


A photographer or an artist or just a lover of beauty NOW is the time to come and take in this vision, with clear skies, mild days and cool nights, awesome scenery as a backdrop to your stay at Amohela ho Spitskop.