The White Storks-Ciconia ciconia Homeward Bound-fly fast and true.

Posted on Sat February 10, 2018.

They drift from the sky like giant snowflakes........

Four weeks to the day since they left us and now they have broken their homeward journey to greet us again.  Good rains have fallen here in that time,the farmers are now ploughing and planting and sure enough these amazing birds have, in some mystical way, found out and as the tractors begin to work the storks arrive on cue.




This time more than 300 are here—again mixed with their fellow travellers the Abdim Storks, they are all clearly excited as they run behind the plough seizing  prey as it appears, eagerly feeding and refuelling for the long journey ahead----an absolute delight to see.


Then, after just a few short hours of feasting, ones and two’s – then dozens until suddenly the sky is again filled with giant silent wings in some marvellous encore to bid us farewell.

They have departed, as quickly and silently as they arrived.

All that remains is a group of 8 Abdims still busy feeding.

Was this a dream ?? No ! these gentle giants are homeward bound and are anxious to reach their breeding grounds, Spitskop was a pit-stop and we were so lucky to see them.


                          Adieu ! Ciconia ciconia fly fast and true, be safe --- our hearts are with you