What To Do In The Eastern Free State - Star Gazing & Moon Beam Riding

Posted on Wed June 14, 2017.

The warm days of summer are here, blue skies scattered with huge popcorn clouds, and at night a wonderland of star studded beauty, the milky way a swath of stars across the sky.

Warm summer evenings, nights awesome as you simply gaze…and gaze…and gaze…in awe of the beauty above and all around you for this is Big Sky Country. You will even be able to count the satellites drifting past and perhaps see the lights of a passing jet high in the sky.

Full moon is just as awesome, rising like a great golden orb over the mountains, the sky filled with light that seeps, like a golden trespasser, into hidden valleys and lights up the great sandstone buttresses of the Eastern Free State to the Maluti Mountains beyond.

We have Full Moons and Blue Moons, Closer Moons and Further Moons and Red Moons and All Beautiful Moons and moons full of fun and delight here at Amohela.

To sit in the silence and vastness on the verandas and patios of our self catering cottages here at Amohela ho Spitskop and watch as the moon floats through the sky, there is a quietening of the soul, an easing of daily pressures and responsibilities. Drift away on a moon beam, let all the petty problems of daily life drift away.