The "WEB SITE" to beat them all.

Posted on Thu September 7, 2017.

Argiope, Hippassa, Moreli, Leucage and not to forget the much admired Nephila, these are the resident Web Masters at Amohela ho Spitskop Conservancy.

Occasionally our conservancy becomes shrouded in a mist so dense it becomes deafening in its silence, and the world here at Amohela ho Spitskop Conservancy transforms into a wonderland. At these magic times I cant wait to venture forth, camera in hand, looking for the spider webs that become jewel encrusted necklaces suspended between grass stalks -–breathtaking.


We now know that each web can comprise some 6 different types of silk, masterfully woven by a creature so talented that it is almost beyond belief. Some webs span between trees and some will fit into the palm of your hand, yet each is the creation of a genius. A tiny creature that can produce each silk type, put it in the correct place and wonder of wonder it spins an amazing web structure that is perfectly balanced, functional, strong and  incredibly beautiful .

This tiny spider does all of this with ”inherent knowing” as the parents do not teach them to weave nor where to put which strand, yet even tiny spiderlings have all these abilities- not forgetting that they also know how to feed themselves. I am forever in awe !!.

Remember also that they can recycle the silk and then reuse it again.

We humans are just beginning to discover the wonders of spider silk---- we are still unable to synthesize or recreate anything like it. We know that when used as bandaging on burn victims it is a miracle worker, when mixed with goats milk it becomes stronger than Kevlar, weight for weight it is the strongest material we know of, is safe and nothing short of phenomenal.

We still do not understand how silk is actually made, and yet to watch a spider patiently spin its masterpiece is a meditation, these wonderful creatures share their artistry with us all. Such beauty should  never be taken for granted. 

Luckily we have been given the "gift of wonder” and this manifests freely in children and so it is always a treat to share these web delights with our younger guests in particular.Our guided nature walks for young and old are fun, exciting, adventurous, for we do not know what we will encounter, for joy is found in the "little things" and top of the list are the magic spiders and their webs.