Need a Re-Boot? We have the best "boot camp" in Africa.

Posted on Sun January 8, 2017.

The strange thing about holidays, much looked forward to, planning and venue discussed and researched, but over in a flash leaving one, quite astonishingly…exhausted.  And we have the perfect place here at Amohela for a reboot into 2017. Couple of days in our beautiful valley and you will be restored and energised for the task of taking on the 17th year of the 21st  century.

The year 2017 has started with healing, deep penetrating rain that we have not seen in years here at Amohela and the Eastern Free State, and also in many of the dry places in South Africa.  Our valley is green and beautiful, with most dams full or with plentiful water, the air is soft with the promise of yet more to come, the weather forecasters predicting more rain in the next couple of months.

Our boot camp is a soul healing place, with self catering cottages beautifully positioned to enjoy the most spectacular view of the Eastern Free State. Already the days are shortening, the balance of summer days lend themselves to barbecue evenings on the covered deck, cooling swims in the farm reservoir with sparkling clean borehole water and long beautiful evenings whilst watching a huge golden moon rise over the mountains.

 The sunrises, in the silence and beauty of our valley, with flocks of birds flying in great V formations to feeding grounds, the rasping noise of the norther black korhaan, and far away maybe the sound of a dog barking or a cow calling her calf to heel. The magnificent sunsets are followed by nights with stars that take your breath away.  

So grab those hiking boots, binoculars, field guide books, and come RE-BOOT.


18-21 March. 3 Mountains Challenge.    Be sure to book soon, we have a few beds left. And yes, we have plentiful clean drinking water, hot showers and baths!

30th March to 7th April.  Stars of Sandstone 2017.  This is an absolute must, Sandstone Estates an easy drive from Amohela.

14th to 17th April   Easter.  Autumn starts early here in the Highlands and it is the most magnificent time, with the luminosity of air and autumn colours ablaze. Don’t miss it.