It's Cloud Illusion I Recall

Posted on Wed January 10, 2018.

I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down yet still somehow, it's cloud illusion I recall.... I really don't know clouds at all.
Judy Collins

The cloud formations of the Eastern Free State, particularly from end of February and into autumn and early winter, are well documented with both painters and photographers flocking to our Highland Country, drawn by the towering luminous formations in our skies, back dropped by incredible blue skies. The wonderful cloud formations are a daily occurrence changing moment by moment ranging from delicate wispy creations of a Dvorak-like symphony to a serious Wagnerian affair of dramatic thunderstorm clouds. Every day of the year is a cloud day, it is rare for us to not have some clouds. Children are entranced to watch the cloud forms change revealing faces or magical creatures, the shape-shifting is amazing.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter each season brings it own special weather patterns, Winter skies especially are dark blue to contrast the white clouds, and it is a very special experience to sit on your deck in sunshine and watch snow storms rage over the majestic Maluti Mountains, only to clear and reveal mountains of such magical beauty you feel you have been swept away by C.S. Lewis into the Chronicles of Narnia. 



Then at sunrise and sunset the cloud-magic is breath-taking when the sun paints each cloud crimson and gold or even silver, often we have a “pink and blue” evening when clouds over the Maluti mountains reflect the setting sun combined with the dark mountains, simply breathtaking.



Being as we are, close to the mountain kingdom of Lesotho we experience fully the effect of those dark heavy rain or even snow filled clouds drifting eastwards overhead to their final destination at the Katse dam catchment area.

Even overcast cloudy days are memorable because they too drift apart to reveal irregular patches of blue sky beyond.