After the Rain – a Highlands Retreat filled with magnificent wild plants and buzzing bees.

Posted on Sat November 28, 2020.

Here at Spitskop the WILDED Grasslands are delivering up a feast of wild flowers - at this time the golden beautiful bulbine is just everywhere- with bees happily pollinating- safe and free of poisons – for these are magical healing plants -

BULBINE Narcissifolia is an aloe-like succulent plant with a rosette of fleshy, thorn less, straw-coloured leaves. The many small (about 10mm) yellow (or orange) flowers are borne in elongated clusters on long, thin flowering stems.

 Therapeutic Uses

  • Bulbine Narcissifolia is one of nature’s finest medicinal plants. It’s a remarkable first aid medicine chest all in one.
  • Externally the freshly squeezed juice, frequently applied, is amazingly effective to take care of a wide range of skin conditions and wounds.
  • The list is almost endless: acne, burns, blisters, cold sores (even in your mouth and nose), cracked lips, cracked fingers, nails and heels, insect bites, itchy places, fever blisters, mouth ulcers, sunburn, rashes and ringworm.
  • It’s also very effective for treating wounds, sores and rashes on animals.
  • You can also make a warm poultice and apply it to the affected area to treat any of the above as well as eczema and arthritis.
  • Internally an infusion (sometimes a brandy tincture) of a few fresh leaves in a cup of boiling water is taken for coughs, colds and arthritis.

With the return of NATURAL- people are excited to be buying wonderful natural potions and tinctures and healing bottles of this and that and the other – and certainly this has great value – but it saddens me that they are ripping out myriad plants and those terrible WEEDS in their gardens and farms and allotments – BUT what could be more healing- more natural than those very weeds that grow in your back yard – along river beds- on the sides of the road – for this is natures medicine box-

And- just walking through the fields filled with these wonderful plants lifts the spirits- makes you feel happy.