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SUNflowers-COME follow the SUN.

Posted on Wed February 28, 2018.

22.5 Million. That's the number of Sunflowers smiling at Spitskop today.!!

When the rains finally came in early 2018, farmers needed a short season fast growing crop, SUNFLOWERS, millions of plants, this may not EVER happen quite like this again - you will never forget it !

We would love to share this experience with you, this one moment in time when this kind of spectacle of golden beauty surrounds us.

This miracle of colour lasts for just a few short weeks - so don’t delay, book soon.

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The White Storks-Ciconia ciconia Homeward Bound-fly fast and true.

Posted on Sat February 10, 2018.

They drift from the sky like giant snowflakes........

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Such a SKY you Never did See

Posted on Fri February 2, 2018.

Finally we here in the Eastern Highlands have had some reasonable rain, and the Spitskop Valley has turned green overnight, in that amazing regeneration that happens in Africa.

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A quick glance back at 2017

Posted on Mon January 15, 2018.

Amohela ho Spitskop lies in a vast, magnificent valley, where time seems to stand still. For us however, the seasons seemed to fly by, and each month saw another milestone achieved. We improved, expanded, increased, so as to enhance the experience of visiting his beautiful place.

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It's Cloud Illusion I Recall

Posted on Wed January 10, 2018.

I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down yet still somehow, it's cloud illusion I recall.... I really don't know clouds at all.
Judy Collins

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