ESCAPE the Covid Blues- A Highlands Getaway- Eastern Free State.

Posted by Jennifer on Tue June 30, 2020.

If one were to ask, where then, in this post lockdown World – is there a place stunningly beautiful –exclusive – with a privacy and seclusion absolute – that seems to have been barely touched by the events of the past 100 days- A Magical Getaway - surrounded by nothing but the earth, the sky, and the mountains?
Well clearly and absolutely, to the Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere- Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy in the stunningly beautiful Easter Free State Highlands.

But here in our Beautiful Middle of Nowhere - for 100 days- life went inexorably on. Surely amongst the most privileged in a world locked- down, we had plenty of chores, with no staff and a 164 hectare back garden, we were busy - but each day was a gift. We took some hours off each day, and spent most of them up in the mountain. Later, with minimum staff returning, we cut new pathways and found treasures beyond words in that privately owned space the locals call Petsana- The Small Foal- Spitskop Mountain.







A wonderful rock overhang and a cool spot for  magical picnics or quiet moments - was this ancient special spot once long ago for human habitation  or animals? Either way, very special, touching on a time past in the history of this mountain.







That strange rock, clearly put there intentionally, what could it be for? Then Johannes said "Its a Pillow"  And indeed clearly some hands long ago had made a very comfortable bed with a pillow- now called the BEDROCK.

We went from the green and gold of magnificent late summer, autumn through into winter and the wonderful shades of gold and brown and russet. 

Winter mornings, when the Ice Queen and her friend Jack Frost had visited in the night and spread thick white frost across the fields and mountains, glistening like diamonds in the golden winter sunlight.

Wandering in the Wilded Grasslands, along trails and walkways, some incredible sightings - two secretary birds killed and devoured a huge puff adder for breakfast - the soaring flight of the jackal buzzards, then diving down to catch and feed on rats and mice - we use no poisons on the Wilded Retreat & Conservancy.   

A Magical Getaway - surrounded by nothing but the earth, the sky, and the mountains.

The most perfect place - where at most 25 beautiful souls can escape in style to an EXCLUSIVE WILDED HIGHLANDS RETREAT – set on 164 hectares - where guests have unhindered access to roam a privately owned mountain and you can wander and climb and picnic and walk and cycle whilst barely seeing any other being.

The most perfect place for weekend breakaways – long weekends – school breaks - the long warm days of December and January and long summer holidays.

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