• Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat in the Eastern Free State between Clocolan and Ficksburg is an extraordinarly beautiful getaway - an accommodation venue so stunning.

Beautiful moments of Time – Spent in this Extraordinary Beautiful Place.

Posted on Sat February 10, 2024.

Step into the enchanting world of Spitskop, where 20 years of dedicated REWILDING has transformed a once neglected landscape into a thriving haven for nature and humans alike.

Beautiful moments of Time – Spent in this Extraordinary Beautiful Place.

Slowly morning arrives – dog tucked in its basket ( we are pet friendly) kids still dozing -  listening to the enveloping quiet - the song of birds – the sigh of the wind in the grasslands.

Coffee as the first rays of the sun dance on your face.

Walking – along the trails and pathways – reading the story of the past night – footprints of porcupines – serval  – small mice – intricate signs of beetles’ spoor – wonderful intricate spider webs covered in glistening drops - the little houses of ants made overnight – the Long Crested Eagle on the pole.

Butterflies – beautiful in the morning light – the incredible wild flowers – wild pollinators – bees.

Perchance seeing the stunning serval catching rats in the grassland – a little warthog curiously watching from its burrow.

Perchance - seeing the footprints of that rare and wonderful creature – the aardvark.

Wandering up the ancient mountain pathway – made by many hands long ago – the view from the Look Out vast – stunning – hearing the call of the rare blue korhaan.

Some quiet moments sitting on a 230 million year old rock – The Buddha Rock - or taking a little nap - on the Bedrock.

The climb from Buddha Rock to the cave at the base of the golden sandstone cliffs at the top of the mountain – listening to the gentle heartbeat of this wonderful mountain - as you gaze out the cave opening across the beautiful valley.

Wander back down the mountain – breakfast on the veranda of your spacious cottage with views to forever.
A day of much beauty awaits – lunch at Constantia or The Cabin – our two really fantastic local Eateries - with eclectic shopping – cherry products.
Some quiet time – reading a good book – gazing at the view.

A wander down to the revamped reservoir for a swim – with more of those views.
Sundowners in the mountain as you watch the end of the day with a beautiful sunset.

Braai on your covered deck – lie flat on your back on the lawn and count satellites moving across the magnificent star filled sky.

Sleep restfully in the beautiful quiet of this very special small scrap of the Planet.

Walks – hikes – cycling – swimming – bird watching – star gazing - butterfly and dragonfly spotting – wildflowers & native plants – an ancient trail leading upwards into the iconic small mountain with picnic spots – quiet places for meditation – seldom found privacy & seclusion – views to take your breath away.

EarthStone Family Self Catering Cottages – spacious – well equipped – superbly secluded and private – View Under ACCOMMODATION in our superb WEBSITE.

SkyWind Self Catering Cottages – designed for just two people in indulgent comfort – View Under ACCOMMODATION in our superb WEBSITE.

Wifi is available at reception and there is a Work Pod available with Wifi - for digital nomads or those needing longer sessions of work.