• Getaway in the Eastern Free State- The Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere - Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy between Ficksburg & Clocolan.

Magical Getaway - The Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere - Eastern Free State

Posted on Sat March 7, 2020.

A Magical Getaway - the Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere - Amohela-Ho-Spitskop in the stunningly scenic Eastern Free State Highlands - is indeed balm for the soul. Surrounded by nothing but the earth, the sky, and the mountains, it's the most perfect escape from...essentially everything outside its glorious bubble.


The MOST BEAUTIFUL MIDDLE OF NOWHERE  –  where  at most 25 beautiful souls can escape in style to an EXCLUSIVE RE-WILDED HIGHLANDS RETREAT – remote yet accessible, set on 164 hectares - where guests have unhindered access to roam a privately owned mountain and you can wander and climb and picnic and walk and cycle whilst barely seeing any other being.

A haven to escape to the BEST GETAWAY for weekends - the BEST GETAWAY as a family the March school holidays - a magical ESCAPE for the long and beautiful days of the June-July school holidays - those upcoming long weekends

Our cosy self catering cottages are delightful in every way, the swimming reservoir is fabulous (and has the most incredible views), the bird song is a beautiful cacophony, the bird and animal life, the wonderful re-wilded fields filled with wild flowers, wild pollinators, native plants - is extraordinary.

AND ESPECIALLY- the most beautiful of all seasons is upon us- early to late autumn and the coming glory of winter in the Highlands. The first gold- red - amber- browns appearing in the mountain, the native shrubs and trees now tall and strong in the protected environment that is Amohela ho Spitskop. As autumn starts to creep in, sitting gazing around you, perched on a rock high on the mountain side, one imagines a giant hand appeared in the night and started to splash the beautiful colours of autumn around, touching these leaves here, a branch there, some tiny plants hiding have also been found and are filled with the wonderful colours of autumn.

The mornings are cooler, the lower valley filled with  magical morning mists that drift away in shafts of sunshine, as the sun rises later each day as we head for the Winter Equinox, marking the passage of the sun across the celestial equator, going from south to north - that transient moment when the day and the night are exactly equal.

This "Most Beautiful Middle of Nowhere" with magnificent views across the valley to the Maluti Mountains beyond, set on 164 hectares of a Re-wilded Conservancy - here guests have unhindered access to roam a privately owned mountain and walks are laid out on the flatland.

Indeed, the most perfect escape from...essentially everything outside its glorious Amohela bubble.