The Last Quiet Places

Posted on Sat July 2, 2016.

Why you should visit Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat in the winter.

Amohela ho Spitskop is surely one of the last QUIET PLACES to be found on a busy noisy planet.

"Silence is not a luxury its a necessity. Quiet is the think tank of the soul"

This beautiful valley with the great vastness and silence is truly a place to rediscover your soul.

The Spitskop Mountain has many sacred sites  and ancient walls and as you climb up worn stone steps your mind drifts into the mists of time wondering what past generations inhabited this beautiful place, built the steps and walls from massive sandstone rocks and boulders.

Pack a picnic basket and spend a morning up on the mountain, scrambling over rocks, finding ancient sites, interesting plants and shrubs, insects and butterflies, enjoyed hugely by children of all ages.

Take a sunset stroll up the mountain, basket in hand, filled with a bottle of special wine or bubbly, some lovely snacks, fold up chairs, and watch the sun go down in a blaze of red/yellow/golden spheres of light, pink and blue over the Maluti Mountains.

Grab your binoculars and spend a thrilling day bird watching, we have a check list of some 250 species. Download our bird check list from our website. We also have a self drive birding route map, showing local dams and birding sites which can be visited.

 Barbecue on the covered deck with views to forever and no one in sight, the cottages are secluded and private.

Bring those mountain bikes and cycle along our local scenically beautiful country roads, where you could meet a herder taking sheep home or a tractor trundling along. We have maps of the local roads and you can ride anything  from 13 kilometers to 44 or more.

And walk, walk slowly and bumble along, walk fast and breath in the clean crisp air, run and take the quietness into your very being, knowing you are truly in one of the remaining Quiet Places of the Earth.

 Here at Amohela we are experts at making beautiful crisp winter days and winter nights the coziest and most beautiful experience. With heated blankets on all the beds, heated wall panels in bedrooms and bathrooms, huge baths and showers with steaming hot water, and that amazing open crackling fire, the view from the cottages, sometimes snowy, always stunning, and of course...the quiet.