The Eastern Free State - A Getaway filled with re-wilded plants & flowers.

Posted on Sun December 15, 2019.

After the rain.

Here in our re-wilded small scrap of the planet we have had some beautiful soft rains.

Just a scratch at the surface of the drought, but on our now well covered grasslands we do not need much, for the flowers and grasses catch the smallest raindrops and hold on to them with joy, the beautiful native plants in the mountain channeling the precious drops down stems and over leaves.

Walking along moist pathways, an absolute joy awaited, wild flowers waving to the morning, colours spectacular,some bold and flowing into the light, others hiding in the grasses, peeping out shyly.

Our self planted fields of imphepo golden yellow in the sunlight, the gentle scent evoking a Quiet, Healing Wellness.

Great fields of the self planted wild wormwood washed clean of the dust, now glowing as if some small faery hand had polished the colours into glowing blue-grey, the more aggressive smell wonderful as it rests on the chest.

There are nemesias and senecios and wahlenbergias and soon, when the rising sun warms the air, butterflies and bees will feast.





The air is crisp, and as if conjured by magic, a wonderful golden dragonfly lands on a frond sticking out of the water, then flies off in a glowing golden spurt.





This is re-wilding at its best.