Somewhere "Under " the Rainbow.

Posted on Sun October 9, 2016.

Do you want to go "under " the rainbow to somewhere timeless and vast enough to be nowhere and yet is accessible from everywhere whilst being more remote and secluded than just about anywhere you have ever been? Then most certainly Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat is the place for you.

Here at Amohela we are undertaking massive refurbishing and maintenance to all existing self catering cottages and Guest House whilst building two more superbly special self catering cottages where there will be even more seclusion and each cottage will accommodate just two people.When complete they are going to be very special. Watch this space!

Porcupine Cottage, self catering, closest to the mountain, in its own little world of beautiful views and seclusion, has been extensively revamped, the veranda extended for even greater pleasurable outdoor living. All work will be completed to this cottage by end October, when we will re-open the cottage, and it will thus be available for accommodation.

Do remember cherry season in November. The week-ends leading up to the festival and after the festival are just the most special best times to book for those not wishing to take on the crowds of the festival week-end, but with a love of cherries, delicious, ripe, yummy, and grown right here in our area. There are many venues open during November and you can visit lovely roadside shops selling boxes of fresh cherries and everything cherry from chocolates to jams and liqueurs, juices and much more. Book soon if you  want to still find space for the "other" weekends