Some Awesome Gatherings and Special Occasions

Posted on Fri August 11, 2017.

Monday Morning 17th July was a special day, we catered for a 60th birthday, the family group gathered together from all points in South Africa to celebrate the auspicious occasion. And what a beautiful birthday present from Amohela, yet another awesome and magical morning as surely the Ice Queen visited in the night.

Before sunrise the thick white mist was swirling around, but once the sun rose, hidden behind the thick white sparkling mist, the magic happened. Everything was coated in a gleaming glittering thick layer of frost, the dams looking like something out of a fairy tale.

The great quietness of Amohela enhanced by the thick mist, nothing moved yet as every bird and creature waited in great anticipation for the moment when the sun would break through the swirling mist. No late sleepers at Amohela as guests walked in the stunning beauty of the morning, capturing as much as possible on camera.