October school holidays @ Amohela ho Spitskop

Posted on Tue September 5, 2017.

October school holidays approach, and Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy is the perfect venue for those energetic youngsters to run, cycle, explore, climb, swim in the farm reservoir, place to shout shout let it all out, in a safe and beautiful setting.




The farm reservoir, filled with beautiful fresh borehole water, crisp, cold and invigorating, in a beautiful setting, a fun way to spend and afternoon or just a cool down dip, loved by children of all ages.


 And when was making mud pies and a fairy garden not the best. 

The EarthStone Cottages are perfect for families, large and spacious, well equipped kitchens, weber braai on the covered deck, large open plan lounge/dining area with garden areas for play, safe roads for younger children to cycle on the property, and laid out trails for walks, great birding and small mammal watching.

Double bedrooms, bathrooms with lashings of water for lazy bathtub mornings or refreshing showers, and baths are big enough to put a number of mud pie makers in for a good scrub. Although we do have a plentiful supply of water from a borehole, of course we are conscious of an Earth with diminishing water supplies. It is worth mentioning that waste water on a farm does not go into a huge pipe to some far off  managed water system. Bathrooms have septic tanks and run over into French drains, where bathtub and other water is also cycled into.This then seeps back into the earth where trees and shrubs can be planted. 




Grab your binoculars and spend a thrilling day bird watching, we have a check list of some 250 species. Download our bird check list from our website. We also have a self drive birding route map, showing local dams and birding sites which can be visited. End a lovely day with a barbecue on the covered deck with views to forever and no one in sight, the cottages are secluded and private.







 The Incredible Night Skies of the eastern Free State Highlands are renowned, with stars so close you feel you could reach out and touch them, and full moon is awesome. Night time out on the deck star gazing, counting passing satellites and identifying stars and star formations,with shooting stars especially for making wishes, this is the fabric that makes family holidays memorable and precious. 

SkyWind Cottages are perfect for couples looking for seclusion and privacy, indulgently luxurious and well equipped, with magnificent views even from the king size bed. As the warmer October evenings come creeping in and the sun dips low and disappears below the horizon, the chorus of frogs and toads sets the air alight with guttural croaking, long melodious trills and explosive bursts and clicks. There are certain sounds in nature that seem to touch some melancholy spot in ones soul, and as you sit on the patio under the magnificent star filled sky the beautiful calling of the spotted thick knee ( dikkop) floating through the African night fills one with an emotive longing for something, somewhere, not quite tangible.