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Posted on Tue November 30, 2021.

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Natural Healing Plants – Helichrysum (Imphepo) Artemisia Afra – (Lengana – Bitter Als)
Lessertia Fructescens ( Sutherlandia)

The Wilded Estate, where indigenous and native plants now proliferate, has had no chemical fertilizers or poisonous sprays for 20 years, plants are naturally wild seeded and wild harvested.



We went foraging, and picked fresh helichrysums and aromatic wormwood, and bound them into scented beautiful smudge sticks, which we can now offer for sale. Perfect insect repellent – cleans and purifies any stagnant air - clears coughs and sneezes – or just simply enjoy while you meditate.






We also have large quantities of Lessertia Fructescens (Sutherlandia - Cancer Bush) seeds for sale – organic wild seeded  - beautiful garden plant and hugely medicinal.






Hand Bound Smudge Sticks.


Helichrysum – Imphepo

• The dried plant can be used for medicinal purposes as it has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties which help promote healing, fight infection, and reduce inflammation - helps fight colds and coughs - effective to repel insects.

• Leaves and stems are widely used as an incense to invoke goodwill of the ancestors – the smoke is also sedative and helps with insomnia.

Sold in bundles of 5 @ R300.00 - Excludes courier fees.(Correct @ time of printing)

Wormwood -Lengana

• Wormwood is one of the most widely used traditional medicines in South Africa.

• A tonic herb that is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antidepressant.

• Can be used as a tea, body wash, poultice or vapour to treat respiratory ailments like colds, headaches, earache, bronchial complaints, croup, whooping cough, measles, fevers, malaria and sore throat.

Sold in bundles of 5 @ R300.00 – Excludes courier fees 

Wild seeded hand harvested organic seeds

Lessertia (Sutherlandia) Fructescens Seeds (Cancer Bush)

A decoction is used to wash wounds, eyes, reduce fevers - infusions from the leaves and stems are used to treat cancers, fever, diabetes, kidney and liver problems, rheumatism, stomach ailments, depression and stress.

Packets of 50 seeds @ R25.00. Excludes courier fees.