About Dragons & Damsels & Small Things In Boxes

Posted on Sun March 19, 2017.

With recent beautiful rains, dams have filled and waterfowl are filtering back in their numbers, and it promises to be a waterfowl bonanza this winter.
The misty views from the self catering cottages in the mornings sublime, rising from the dams with a touch and feel of magnificent, beautiful autumn in the air. Stunning dragon flies, red, blue, black, yellow, green and even gold are to be seen flitting across the water, and the more delicate damsel flies land lightly on twigs and grasses above the water.



In the large farm barn, a small gap in one of the windows was spied by an enterprising Cape Robin Chat, who popped in with mouth full of nesting material, and made her nest in the box that holds all the spanners. One beautiful baby Robin hatched and was industriously fed by the parents.


 Then, one morning, it was gone from the spanner box, and we have had short glimpses of the youngster as it flits around the garden and back yard. The spanner box remains untouched, just  as it was when the young bird flew, and we are sure that Mum & Dad Robin will nest here again next spring, for it is a safe haven, watched over by a couple of protective, burly farm workers,  intent on keeping "their" birds safe. 

Photographs:: Allen Jones.