Such a SKY you Never did See

Posted on Fri February 2, 2018.

Finally we here in the Eastern Highlands have had some reasonable rain, and the Spitskop Valley has turned green overnight, in that amazing regeneration that happens in Africa.

The mornings, softer, gentler, are spectacular, and the lyrics from the whimsical musical “Oliver” come to mind:  Who will buy this wonderful morning?  Such a sky you never did see.







And as you climb the ancient stairwell that leads up onto the first plateau of Spitskop, the endless views of this beautiful 200 million year old valley are awesome, breath-taking.







To stand on the rocky peaks, climb amongst the rocks, the world disappears and there is just you and the Mountain, and the great Quietness, the Vastness.

And, in this time of a Super-Moon, a rare and wonderful occurrence, the evenings are filled with wonder, a desire to reach out and touch the great glowing orb that is the moon.

And SO back to Oliver: Who will buy this wonderful feeling? I'm so high I swear I could fly Me oh my, I don't want to lose it So what am I to do to keep this sky so blue? Well quite clearly, you MUST BUY A WONDERFUL MORNING, OR TWO, OR THREE OR MORE at Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy.