A quick glance back at 2017

Posted on Mon January 15, 2018.

Amohela ho Spitskop lies in a vast, magnificent valley, where time seems to stand still. For us however, the seasons seemed to fly by, and each month saw another milestone achieved. We improved, expanded, increased, so as to enhance the experience of visiting his beautiful place.

March saw the completion of the first of the SkyWind Cottages, Quail Cottage, with Francolin opening in June. 

July is absolutely stunning at Amohela ho Spitskop, with walks in crisp cold air, the crunchy frost on the ground, the huge open fire places, heated blankets and cuddly duvets, all very special and, with school holidays, this proved to be an incredibly busy month.

August, the swimming pool and swimming area. We took great care to retain the authenticity of a farm reservoir, whilst still creating a really lovely swimming experience, in cold borehole water, filtered and cleaned daily. It is very special to sit surrounded by the vast Spitskop Valley with 360 degree views, the breeze through the grasslands, the sound of birds, insects, above you the clear blue sky with white popcorn clouds floating by.

September, before the rainy season, the entrance gate and entrance road, with the help of some very big machines, an amazing farmer neighbour….and his dog, a huge bank to take water through a massive pipe was carved out, and, come the dry winter, we will build a beautiful stone bridge at the entrance.     

October, still dry but affording Allen the dry days to complete the covered verandas at the SkyWind Cottages, where the indigenous flowers we dug up and planted at the cottages are looking just stunning. 

November, Cherry Season culminating in the Cherry Festival, the longest running crop festival in South Africa, which celebrated its 50th year in 2017.

And so to Christmas 2017.....That was the year that was.