With a birding checklist of over 250 species, we have a superb variety to suit all interests, grassland, montane and waterfowl.

Custodians Allen and Jennifer have been birders for 35 years, actively involved in several citizen science birding projects in the Free State since 2002.

The Conservancy is home to some of the Free State “specials” larks, chats, pipits, orange throat longclaw, northern black and blue korhaan.

Secretary birds, bald ibis, 3 harrier species, amur and peregrine falcon, eagles and buzzards, shelduck, geese and spoonbills are frequent visitors.

In summer here in the Free State we greet hundreds of those long distance travelers, white storks, seen following the plough.

These past years have seen visits to the Free State by greater and lesser flamingos, crowned and blue cranes and with our ever changing weather and wind patterns new sightings are a regular event, our most recent sighting Temmincks courser.


Birding Route