Thinking Travel, Thinking Experiential Remoteness, Yet Accessible?

Posted on Sat October 7, 2017.

Those travelling as families today seek more of an authentic connection with the destination, themselves, the family unit, the environment, looking for those unique bucket list moments in iconic destinations. Time-starved and deadline-driven, today’s travellers seek a new kind of understated, unplugged and experiential remoteness that yet is accessible, where families can re-connect, talk together, play together, dance together, cook and eat together, go on a wheelbarrow ride together, or sit together under awesome night skies. Amohela ho Spitskop, one of the Last Quiet Places is just such a place.




Envisage the luxury of space and time to play together, to tickle and laugh and tumble with the kids, and who doesn't want to hear those tiny shrieks of laughter from their favorite people in the world?  







And the luxury of space and time to dance together till you fall down in heaps of laughter and giggles and puffing.









Bring the kids, the bicycles, the hats, binoculars, hiking boots, sun block and mosquito repellent. We have the wheelbarrow, bring wheelbarrow riders, a wheelbarrow pusher and lots of laughter.  





EarthStone Family Cottages are remote, beautiful, private, spacious, with those endless views that unwind the stress bundles in a matter of seconds after arrival.

 So come and spend family time where you can walk or hike in the scenic beauty of the Eastern Highlands, cycle on country roads, birdwatch, swim in fresh clear borehole water, have time to read, play chess, drink good wine, braai on a deck with views to die for.