Health and Safety

We have a strict cleaning and sanitizing protocol which is followed without fail.
Guests are checked in at reception gate area and supplied with a map directing them to their cottage.

Cottages are serviced by staff who follow all necessary Covid 19 requirements - wear masks and sanitize - wash hands and carry sanitization with them at all times.

We do not at this time serve breakfasts or dinners - access to Guest House is restricted until further notice.
There is free WiFi at main reception gate and can be accessed from the comfort of your vehicle.

Symptom Plan

We have a plan in place around procedures to take care of any guest or staff member displaying COVID-19 symptoms.

Staff Training and Protocol

Our staff members have been briefed about the nature and severity of COVID-19 and related viruses to ensure the safety of themselves and our guests.

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures

We use cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses in all areas accessible to staff and guests. This applies to all areas including guest rooms, public areas, dining areas and staff quarters.