• WildFields Apothecary @ Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat - where there has been 20 years of REWILDING.

WildFields Products Pamphlet.

Posted on Mon January 8, 2024.

The Apothecary lies within the 164 hectare Amohela ho Spitskop Country Retreat & Conservancy – known locally as Spitskop – or in Sotho – Petsana ( The Small Foal). And here you step into the enchanting world of WildFields, where 20 years of dedicated REWILDING has transformed a once neglected landscape into a thriving haven for nature and humans alike – where we walk lightly on the earth.

Today REWILDING resonates worldwide as a powerful solution to combat climate breakdown.

It’s about restoring nature’s delicate balance, from small gardens to vast landscapes. The remarkable impact extends beyond wildlife, nurturing human well-being, health, and a deeper connection with the natural world. At  WildFields there has been no use of chemical fertilizers, poisons, rodenticides or destructive tilling,  and  the Wilded Estate is filled with wild and native plants, wild flowers, wild pollinators, wild bees.

Here in this very special place we can now forage and wild harvest and have started a range of products - healing - soothing products, collection and sale of seeds –  plants – all are available to purchase, both locally and online.


  • Wild Harvested Sutherlandia Frutescens/LerumoLaMadi: Infused in Olive Oil.

Used to treat  rheumatism, arthritis, fever, skin conditions and inflammation,  haemorrhoids,  back pain, de-stresses. 6 drops on face and neck at night for soft happy skin – helps with age spots and scars on hands, leaves hands soft – softens wrinkles.

100ml clear glass bottles  R210.00

60ml clear glass bottles   R130.00

  • Wild Harvested Helichrysum/Imphepho: Infused in Olive Oil

Just three drops on the face and 3 drops on the neck at night - the difference after a month of use is marked. So lovely to soften and ease the skin - but simply wonderful for skin lesions of any sort - psoriasis sores- scars - eases wrinkles and lines - eases out dark marks. On hands and arms - wonderful for scars - light skin cancers – allergies – sunburn. A nightly body treatment is sublime and there is a marked improvement in skin quality after just one month of use.

100ml clear glass bottles  R210.00

60ml clear glass bottles  R130.00

  • Wild Harvested Bulbine Narcissifolia/KhomoYaBadisa: Infused in Olive Oil:

This amazing plant is one of nature’s finest medicinal plants – it’s a remarkable first aid medicine chest all in one. The list is almost endless: acne, burns, blisters, cold sores ( even inside the nose) cracked lips, cracked fingers nails heels, insect bites, itchy places, fever blisters, mouth ulcers, sunburn, rashes, ringworm. It is also very effective for treating wounds sores and rashes on animals. You can also make a warm poultice and apply to the affected areas to treat any of the above as well as eczema and arthritis.

100ml clear glass bottles  R210.00

60ml clear glass bottles   R130.00

  • Wild Harvested Helichrysum /Imphepho Bath Salts:

Known as Imphepho, this magical plant is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, can reduce allergy symptoms, fights coughs and colds, reduces muscle and joint inflammation. We use only the purest ingredients:Raw desert salt – dried wild harvested helichrysum leaves and flowers- helichrysum essential oils- geranium essential oils- magnesium. The mixed salts are left to infuse in closed bottles – then sun dried and packed into glass bottles. Helichrysum is known to be sedative – treat yourself to candles – soft music- and a long soak. Your skin will feel like delicate porcelain, lovely and soft, and you will sleep beatifically.

300gram clear bottles @ R185.00

  • Wild Harvested Helichrysum/Imphepho Tea.

Herbal teas- also called tisanes- are a major part of the tea world, and are an infusion or decoction made from a plant-  & can be served hot or cold. The benefits of drinking Helichrysum/Imphepho Tea – the wellbeing of sitting quietly and enjoying a  cup of fragrant helichrysum tea - which eases stress and promotes relaxation - infused in water  it will help ease coughs and colds, catarrh, headache/backache, fever, urinary tract infections, menstrual problems, stress, tension, cramps, insomnia, and nervous conditions.Our range of sustainably grown helichrysum teas are intended as an integrated approach to wellbeing.

40grams @ R80.00

  • Wild Harvested Sutherlandia ( Lesertia ) Seeds : LerumoLaMadi

As we desire to see this wonderful plant make its way back into wild areas, wild fields, mountain and koppies, home gardens, on road verges, where it can contribute to the health of the ground and the animals and insects that feed on it, we have packed into glass bottles, seeds and seed pods.

Each bottle has about 80 to 100 seeds @ R50.00 per bottle.

  • Wild Harvested Hand Tied Helichrysum/Imphepho Smudge Body Wand                                                  

Can be used as an incense, a fumigant, insect repellent, has sedative qualities. The plant is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, fights infection. Helps fight coughs and colds, can reduce allergy symptoms. Used in sick rooms to clear the air. Long been used traditionally as a smudge herb to communicate with ancestors.

Around 60grams to 70grams each Body Wand @ R50.00 for summer  flowering Smudge Wands & R30.00 out of flowering Smudge Wands each

Prices correct @ time of printing 8.1.2024  - prices can change and new products introduced.

  • Our Mission:

We are passionate advocates of native plants – our mission is to promote a communal understanding and use of native and medicinal plants of the Eastern Free State – we are dedicated to the conservation of native and medicinal plants and the natural habitats that support these culturally and ecologically significant species.

We Walk Lightly on the Earth